At Open Energi, we use advanced technology and data-driven insight to radically reduce the cost of delivering and consuming power.

forecast rise in
energy bills by 2030
estimated bill savings
with Dynamic Demand 2.0

Dynamic Demand 2.0

Our next generation Dynamic Demand 2.0 technology platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver ground-breaking data-driven savings and revenues to our customers.

How can you benefit?

Industrial & commercial
Industrial & commercial

radically reduce your cost of consuming power


radically reduce your cost of supplying power


optimise your assets and enhance customer value

Technology Companies
Technology Companies

deliver cutting edge products which maximise value

Case studies

Our customers trust our technology to operate invisibly deep within their processes. Since 2010, we have worked with 50 businesses to connect over 3,500 assets at over 400 sites UK-wide

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