Building a new energy economy
cleaner, cheaper, more secure, more efficient
How much is your flexible energy demand worth?
a high value, no impact approach to demand response
Making our energy system smarter
Dynamic Demand transforms how our energy system operates
Powering a circular economy
virtual power stations offer a no-build approach

We are building a new energy economy

Open Energi is harnessing flexibility in our demand for energy to build a new energy economy which is clean, affordable and secure.

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Large energy users lie at the heart of the new energy economy

We are working with leading organisations across the UK to develop Demand Response strategies which deliver revenue and support their sustainability goals:

How does it work?

Dynamic Demand empowers energy users to become active participants in energy markets and earn revenue from their energy-intensive equipment.

Building a new energy economy

There's an affordable, secure and clean alternative


Our energy network is built to deal with peaks in demand

Powering a circular economy

A circular economy is not just a distant dream for a faraway future. We can see it in action right now

How much could your flexible demand

be worth?