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Open Energi is a leading energy tech company. We create advanced technology to deliver an affordable, zero carbon energy future. Our technology platform uses artificial intelligence to automate and optimise distributed energy resources – including industrial processes, battery storage and electric vehicles – to radically reduce energy costs and provide vital flexibility to enable a 100% renewable energy system.
We’re looking for a Platform Engineer to join our Software Engineer Team in an agile and fast-paced environment. This role is reporting to the Head of Software. They will help our company in building and maintaining a platform for both Developers and Data Scientists. This platform should allow coders to move quickly with more confidence due to DevOps principles.
This role requires being open to deal with developers using Unix environments and other roles using Windows environments.

We’re looking for someone with familiarity with Platform as a service technologies (PaaS) like:

  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Apps
  • Azure Stream Analytics Jobs
  • Docker apps
  • any similar AWS or GCP experience that could be translated into Azure

A Platform Engineer should:

  • deploy reliable and maintainable distributed systems
  • write automation, monitoring and alerting tools
  • drive the effort to move to infrastructure as code
  • be ready to learn new technologies and evaluate new tools
  • adopt a pragmatic approach to problem solving, balancing the need for well designed infrastructure with quick prototyping
  • be a team player who believes in sharing information and skills to take others on the transformation journey

Must-Have Skills

We’re looking for someone who:

  • knows how to create, configure and operate scalable PaaS and IaaS cloud infrastructure / services preferably on Azure
  • can troubleshoot networking issues using command line tools e.g. telnet, nslookup, nmap, ping, traceroute
  • has good knowledge of Linux based operating systems and can use Bash or Python scripts for automation
  • has working knowledge of Configuration Management tools such as Terraform and Ansible or Azure Resource Manager – ARM templates

“Nice to have” Skills

Ideally they can also:

  • help manage git based continuous integration and delivery infrastructure and have had exposure to a CI software such as Jenkins, Travis or Azure DevOps
  • help manage Docker container infrastructure, such as Docker registry, Kubernetes
  • help setup and manage monitoring tools such Prometheus, Grafana or Azure Log Analytics
  • manage or have exposure to VPN networks
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