Open Energi, a UK energy tech company working to radically reduce the cost of delivering and consuming power, has been recognised by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) as an Enterprise Partner.

IET Enterprise Partners are entrepreneurial and innovative SMEs who are committed to professionalism and market success.  Open Energi is working with leading UK businesses, including water utilities, retailers, universities and aggregates companies, to deliver vital demand-side flexibility when and where it is most needed to create a more sustainable energy future.

The company’s technology integrates with critical business processes in challenging operational environments and invisibly adjusts power consumption in real-time. Engineering is a core business skill that is vital to the company’s success.

Being an IET Enterprise Partner gives Open Energi’s engineering team a formally recognised route to Professional Registration as CEng (Chartered Engineer) and IEng (Incorporated Engineer) status with the UK Engineering Council.  Although several of the Open Energi engineers are already professionally registered, it is expected that all engineering staff will achieve registration by Q3 2018. Alongside continuing professional development opportunities, the scheme offers valuable networking opportunities with the IET’s corporate and academic partners – which include some of the UK’s biggest engineering employers and educators.

Paul O’Brien, Open Energi’s Director of Operations said: “Open Energi is committed to excellence in engineering and we want to make sure our engineering team benefit from the best resources, networking and professional development opportunities available, so that they can continue to deliver outstanding service to our customers. We’re very proud to be recognised as an IET Enterprise Partner, working with the world’s largest multidisciplinary engineering institution in the world.”

SMEs, who may have more license to work on new and innovative technology, or work within a niche specialism, make a significant contribution to the IET community. According to Engineering UK 2017, up to 99.7% of all engineering companies are SMEs.

Mark Organ, IET Head of Membership said: “SMEs are the lifeblood of the engineering sector, which is currently experiencing a huge skills shortage. The IET is already devoting considerable time and resource to education programmes and scholarships to attract the next generation but it is also vitally important to invest in the current workforce and their professional development.

“It’s for this reason that we’ve created IET Enterprise Partners so that we can engage with SMEs directly to help them develop their workforce and ultimately their business performance.”