What's the opportunity for your business?

Demand side flexibility can help your business earn revenue and cut costs

Energy markets are changing rapidly and this is creating opportunities for businesses to make money, cut costs and save carbon by getting involved in Demand Side Response (DSR).

DSR is about being smarter and more flexible with your energy use to take advantage of fast-growing markets. The ability to increase, decrease or change your electricity use helps National Grid to balance Britain’s electricity system cost-effectively. As more of our power comes from renewable sources, this demand side flexibility is expected to become increasingly valuable.

Open Energi works with businesses to develop Demand Side Response strategies which:

  • maximise revenues from your equipment;
  • provide powerful insights into operational performance;
  • and support your sustainability goals.


Getting involved in DSR means your business can help to create a new energy economy which is clean, affordable and secure. In return, you could earn revenues equivalent to 5-10% of your energy bill.

What is most important to us is that your business isn’t impacted.


Earn revenue by providing a real-time grid balancing service


Cut costs by avoiding peak prices


Monitor and manage your assets at the click of a button


Support the UK’s transition to a zero carbon economy

How does it work?

Dynamic Demand Infographic

Is my organisation suitable?

Your business is unique and that’s why we work with all of our customers individually to profile their assets and develop a bespoke installation and implementation strategy that will maximise the commercial benefits and ensure there is no disruption to their business’ operational performance.

The table below gives an indication of some of the sectors and assets we are working with but please contact us to discuss how we can work together.

Open Energi Asset table by sector