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What is Dynamic Demand?

Dynamic Demand is Open Energi’s unique, patented technology platform which invisibly unlocks demand side flexibility to help businesses make money and cut costs. The technology connects to a wide range of equipment – from fridges to furnaces – and works by intelligently shifting electricity consumption in response to second-by-second fluctuations in electricity supply and demand UK-wide.  The system is governed by equipment control parameters which determine if and for how long equipment may respond, ensuring operational performance is never affected.









What services does it deliver?

Make money from Dynamic Frequency Response

Dynamic Firm Frequency Response is a frontline Demand Side Response (DSR) service which helps National Grid to balance electricity supply and demand in real-time, 24/7, 365 days a year. It is the most valuable DSR product on the market.

Dynamic Demand monitors changes in grid frequency to detect if electricity supply and demand are balanced across the system.  When the frequency is 50 Hertz the system is balanced. If it rises above 50 Hertz, supply is greater than demand. If it falls below 50 Hertz, demand is greater than supply.

If Dynamic Demand detects that the system is imbalanced it will send a request to equipment it is connected to asking if it can temporarily reduce or increase power consumption to help return the frequency to 50 Hertz.

At any given moment, some equipment will be able to respond and some won’t, but by aggregating the response from thousands of different devices up and down the country, Dynamic Demand is able to adjust demand to meet supply in real-time.

Cut costs during peak price periods

Peak pricing periods are used to relieve pressure on the grid by discouraging energy use during periods of peak demand. Businesses can be charged considerably more for consuming electricity during these periods. Dynamic Demand can be used to automatically reduce electricity use during Triad and DUoS charging periods to deliver significant energy cost savings.

Transmission Use of Network charges: These are also known as Triads. This refers to the three half-hour settlement periods with highest system demand between November and February. Cost of consumption during these periods is extremely high. Triad Management is a way for companies to predict when these windows will be and reduce their electricity demand accordingly.

Distribution Use of System charges (DUoS): DUoS charges cover the cost of converting and transporting power from the high voltage transmission lines into local distribution grids. Morning and evening peaks are charged at a higher value per kWh (Red Band).

Improved asset management

Dynamic Demand provides sub-second metering data on the operation of loads which is accessible online through an interactive, customisable portal.

Our portal enables you to monitor, manage and compare the performance of your sites and assets at the click of a button. It provides powerful business intelligence which can help you to reduce operational costs and identify energy savings.

Highest value Demand Response service
Earns revenue for providing High and Low response (increasing and decreasing energy consumption)
Paid for availability 24/7 365 days a year
Service responds within 2 seconds and for up to 30 minutes
90% of switches are for 5 minutes or less
Governed by equipment control parameters
Energy neutral (your overall energy consumption is unchanged)
Straightforward to install
No behaviour change required
No impact on performance
Revenue reporting and account management at individual asset level
Improved reporting of energy consumption and carbon emissions
Asset management risk reduction and preventative maintenance
Energy management and trend reporting at regional and national level
Open Energi Infrastructure


Installing Dynamic Demand is a straightforward process which involves minimal disruption.

Our expert engineers fit a small control panel on site to enable us to communicate with your equipment and measure the grid frequency locally.

Meters are also installed to measure your equipment’s electricity consumption on a second-by-second basis.

All activity is wirelessly reported to our secure servers.


Open Energi takes all aspects of security extremely seriously; from the physical security of our offices, data centres and employees through to the security of the information we collect, hold and analyse, and the security of our networking infrastructure.

We recognise our position as part of Critical National Infrastructure and the responsibilities this entails. Consequently we are constantly striving to stay at the forefront of developments and best practice in cyber security and are taking an active role in the wider community of Critical National Infrastructure to share intelligence and contribute to ongoing threat analytics.

As part of this process we are pleased to have achieved Cyber Essentials certification.

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